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History and Mission of Exodus Payment Systems

Freedom. Made Simple and Secure.


The Genesis of Exodus

Few companies have a truly unique product, one that from its inception commands market share, respect, adoption and mainstreaming as part and parcel of commerce.

Exodus Payment Systems is one of those rare firms that owns the technology to solve one of the modern eras most perplexing problems -- identity theft and fraud. Our solution secures the personal information of each individual, and also establishes a method of proving identity, seamlessly and flawlessly at every point-of-transaction or service encounter.

Exodus was born from the owner’s understanding of and commitment to the “Golden Rule” as related in the Ten Commandments. Exodus management wants to prevent those thefts and incursions by other less honorable people against the majority of honest consumers who are simply living their lives.  It is time for the honest individuals to begin to protect themselves.

What does Exodus do?

Exodus uses its patented technology to reduce fraud in financial and retail environments by biometrically authenticating the person tendering payment.  The technology has been tested for the banked and unbanked consumer (consumer without checking accounts) as a means for check, credit and debit card authentication.

The Exodus BioPIN-Gateway™ allows banks, credit card companies, processors, and retailers to access a central location to authenticate their customers.  A customer opts-in for the service through the issuer.  When the customer pays for goods or services at an Exodus retail partner, the system identifies the customer as desiring security.  The customer is prompted for his/her biometric before the transaction can be completed. 

Today’s customers, while demanding security, are reluctant to have their biometric PIN stored on every database throughout the country or in government databases, as is done with criminals.  BioPIN-Gateway™ solves these problems by giving the customer one central, non-government location for authentication.   Additionally, the separation of account information (processor’s database) from authentication information (Exodus database) is one of the most secure for the customer. 

The Exodus Mission

Exodus’ mission is to provide a readily available, simple and elegant solution to the problems of personal identity theft, and provide participating consumers, merchants, government agencies and corporations with a variety of benefits that include access control, elimination of service fraud, cost reductions, and positive identification of all consumers, regardless of form of payment.

Overview of Products and Solutions

The Exodus system, featuring BioPIN-Gateway™, is fairly simple in its construction and very cost effective.

That is why making it a standard part of every point-of-sale transaction is attractive to government agencies, companies, merchants and consumers alike.

Through our BioPIN-Gateway, Exodus Payment Systems (Exodus) can biometrically authenticate any and all types of cards as a way to stop fraud.  Using “off the shelf” fingerprint readers, the BioPIN-Gateway and software application provides retailers, banks, processors, and government agencies a simple method of tracking and verifying every transaction, while safeguarding consumer and patient identities.

The BioPIN-Gateway system stops fraud before it happens, preventing identity theft and the stealing of goods and services.

The Community Card (CC) is a smart card capable of holding financial accounts and medical information for a parent/caregiver, a spouse, and up to four children.  Additionally, a child can be issued his/her own card which is helpful in certain circumstances.  The Community Card also provides identity theft protection by encrypting and splitting financial account numbers.  If the card is lost or stolen, no one can benefit from the encrypted and split account data contained within the card.  Cardholders can also give Emergency Medical Services permission to read life-saving information contained on the card.  Many elderly patients have problems writing legibly or they simply don’t speak English, and, in such cases, the CC is very beneficial because it is loaded with their medical history.  It also allows patients to have their records maintained accurately and checked automatically without burdening the patient with additional paperwork when visiting their physician’s office.  Poorly maintained medical records, such as prescription information, is a leading cause of death in our country.  This can be easily prevented through use of the Community Card.

The consumer incurs no direct cost by using the CC. They receive their card and have their biometric information stored at no charge.

Exodus can link whatever data is needed to their ID so the two halves are mated whenever the biometric scan is submitted. The fingerprint scan can occur at any point-of-transaction location and no special preparation is required.

Overall, the Exodus system is far less expensive to merchants than even the least costly credit card or other system which offers no real protection. Exodus’ product cost is more than offset by the savings produced from eliminating theft and fraud. Other products cannot actually make this claim because they are subject to a consumer losing or sharing data, or a thief stealing it.

Why Exodus Will Become The Standard for

Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention

Other attempts have been made to prevent fraud through various systems, but none have had the ability of the Exodus System, through the use of its BioPIN-Gateway™.  Exodus is poised to become the national/international standard by which all transactions are secured through biometric authentication.

While technology and developed codes can always improve in an attempt to stop hackers, the only true protection one has over their personal identity is their own physical being.

A biometric reader at every point of transaction will ensure no one ever has their personal ID, credit, finances or personal data stolen and misused again.

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